Iris the Messenger, Chrysopteron *


These are excerpts of a journal and bouquets of real and transient beauty experienced. I need to live life in a poetic way, and collect reality’s magic, crossroads, truths, epiphanies and what generates a deep feeling of awe. It is an exercise in vigilance. Action after action, I try to build my own language. In Pasolini l’enragé (Jean-André Fieschi, 1966), Pier Paolo Pasolini defined an action poem as the way a human being presents himself to another and the result of his interaction with reality. (More to come)


November 29th, 2017
Mozart, lavender brew, river roars
and snow gently falls on the caliginous pine forests.


September 20th, 2014
Wasps flying around home are attracted to Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello.


September 19th, 2014
Reading all of Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson, aloud and alone at midnight, while listening to the Liturgy Of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 31 by Rachmaninov in a loop.


September 17th-18th, 2014
Nikki de Saint-Phalle and melon juice on the cheeks in lieu of perfume. Rocking in the street while reading Herberto Helder, to create a mental shelter. Henri Michaux coming out of his mouth in the night’s air and the gift of knotted grass bracelets.


September 12th, 2014
Duende and figs looking like wombs.






* Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods. She is the daughter of a sea god and an Oceanid, sister of the Harpies. Chrysopteron means “golden-winged”.