Seasons and way of the soul, shrines, rituals and amulets. More to come.


Birds fall like chironic comets
under the moon. Do you notice?
How they gently rub against
silence’s gates?


Forest path



L’enfant-femme se sent riche et vivante,
le cœur de tout l’aime.





candles tree forest



pour mains fines
tachées d’arbustes :

l’autel est invisible
dans la grande forêt
dans un seul tronc
le chant d’une
plonge dans l’eau
des choses


cat moth fish forest



Lions’ habit of eating people on moonless nights



Visite du sphinx sous le plafond de nuages. Rien ne se hâte, la lune semble en pluie et le vent se pense à voix haute. Avec une infinie tendresse, essuyer les larmes d’un chat — pollen d’une forêt entière. D’aube en aube, le soleil s’enroule, repu d’antre lunaire.


branches sculpture



Compagnon muet,
la plénitude
au croisement de deux chemins
se détache en ombre.


path hecate sanctuary




Du silence en bassins
sous la peau respire,

quand plaines d’être et vie

suffisent en joie du monde.

De seuil en seuil: se lave
la canopée du cœur.


Honey buzzard woman drawing 1

Honey buzzard woman drawing 2



Harpia harpyja
Je garde un grand silence
comme on se soigne les ailes,
et l’ample fleuve
ne cesse de suinter.


laurel leaves

laurel leaves



Les âges
au rayon leste
des barques.


poplar and moon



Tongue dipped deep in rivers,

days and nights I learn

water words ;
humans do not understand

them, but everything
understands me.


blue amulet








L’être singulier refuse de s’éteindre en masse. La flamme qui anime la sentinelle de ses pas s’ancre d’arbres en lisière grande. Lumières sauvages ne contentent faux temples.


red sunset forest


Cette chair de tronc

qu’arme la gratitude

d’un soleil rouge.




All photographs are available as limited edition museum quality prints to collectors.

1. Le chemin aux merveilles, 2018

2. Amulet (The Owl) | Vertebra of a sheep eaten by a wolf, boar tooth and jay feathers found in the woody mountains, small bones found in a bird of prey pellet, Appaloosa horse hair, eucalyptus leaves and sulfur picked in the caldera of a supervolcano, seeds, bee wax, cotton thread. Autumnal equinox celebration, 2018

3. Sacred beech tree, winter solstice, violet mist and the longest night, 2016

4. Chrysopoeia | Silver-based photograph of my cat whom I buried in the woods after humans killed her, golden fish skin, golden forest moths wings scales, Indian ink, 2018

5. Anonymous sculpture found when I went to sleep alone under a pine tree in the winter forest, 2017

6. The path to Hecate’s sanctuary, 2017

7. Wounded heart shelter (little honey buzzards don’t push each other out of the nest), 2018. Wild mountain roses thorns, Icelandic lava sand, drop of my blood mixed with red ink, golden Peach Blossom nocturnal moth scales (natural death), 10,5 x 8,5 cm

8. The Intuitive One (Pythia), 2018

9. The silent immensity. Morning of an important crossroads event involving a risk of death, 2018 – Notodonta torva, a moth named “Demi-lune grise” in French (“Grey half-moon”) feeds on these black poplars.

10. Amulet (The Lynx), created during Full Moon at the beginning of the cold and rainy season, October 24th, 2018 – Atlas bone of an animal eaten by a wolf, wood pigeon feathers found in the mountains, violet carpenter bee wings, wild roses thorns, black Icelandic lava sand, juniper cones harvested on a sacred mountain where solar cults took place in ancient times.

11. Ouroboros (Video installation, excerpt), 2016-2018 — The Equinox is the moment when day and night are approximately the same length. By associating this threshold, with water and the poetry of its cycles, I want to draw attention to an essential sense of balance in the universe. I like to imagine that the water from the faraway sea filmed under moonlight, could be the one falling on my forest years later, closing the circle. Sound | Tyrrhenian sea at night under moonlight, close to the autumnal Equinox, 2016 – Film | Thunderstorm, with hail, lightning and 95 km/h winds, in my mountains the day of the autumnal Equinox, 2018

12. The Intuitive One (Mirror Orchids) Ophrys Speculum picked on an island, ultramarine ink and black pen.