PUBLICATION. Prism Photo Magazine (Ireland)

prism #18 features the STRIX NEBULOSA series on the cover and inside.

PUBLICATION. Nuits et Noirs magazine #2 (Netherlands)

Nuits et Noirs magazine Nr. 2, underground and experimental magazine, features a photogram and poem of mine in its Night of Nature chapter. © Nuits et Noirs Magazine

PUBLICATION. dienacht Magazine #14 (Germany)

dienacht Magazine #14 features two photographs of mine and will be released during the UNSEEN Fair in Amsterdam, September 26th-29th. 1000 copies, numbered 126 pages, 15 x 18 cm offset print, in English and German “The very new dienacht issue arrived, featuring, among others Asger Carlsen’s “Wrong” series (also the cover story), and more photography […]

EXHIBITION. There There, Post SCRIPT (Ireland)

THERE THERE (A PHOTOGRAPHIC EVENT) Exhibition post SCRIPT Camden Palace Hotel, Camden Quay, Cork 20 October–30 November, 2012 The works of Viviane Sassen will bring together over thirty international artists involved in six shows across Cork City. These exhibitions share as a common theme responses to the idea of “otherness”, which could be summed up as […]


Very long and dense interview published on Saint-Lucy. © Eva Wollenberg