CREDITS. FRENCH POETRY &… An Interdisciplinary Approach (UK)

FRENCH POETRY &…, added a link on their website so readers can discover my interdisciplinary approach as a poet and visual artist. Dr. Emma Wagstaff and Dr. Nina Parish from the University of Bath investigate contemporary French poetic practice, and especially how it interacts with other disciplines and media, such as the visual arts, digital […]

PUBLICATION. dienacht Magazine #14 (Germany)

dienacht Magazine #14 features two photographs of mine and will be released during the UNSEEN Fair in Amsterdam, September 26th-29th. 1000 copies, numbered 126 pages, 15 x 18 cm offset print, in English and German “The very new dienacht issue arrived, featuring, among others Asger Carlsen’s “Wrong” series (also the cover story), and more photography […]


Very long and dense interview published on Saint-Lucy. © Eva Wollenberg


“We’ve read a lot of great interviews with photographer Roger Ballen over the years – he’s a fascinating character – but one conducted with Eva Wollenberg and just published on Humanfiles Journal really gets under the skin of and straight to the heart of one of our favourite photographers here at Phaidon.” Link


Conversation between Roger Ballen and I, published on HUMANFILES JOURNAL + 18 photographic gems I selected for your eyes, some rarely seen online.