LISTEN. Lights Out Listening Group (Scotland)

LIGHTS OUT LISTENING GROUP A unique listening experience in almost complete darkness Discover BANSHEES and TENERAL 29th April 2015, at 7.30pm The Old Hairdresser’s, Opposite Stereo Renfield Lane, Glasgow, G2 6PH © LOLG

PUBLICATION. Prism Photo Magazine (Ireland)

prism #18 features the STRIX NEBULOSA series on the cover and inside.

PUBLICATION. Nuits et Noirs magazine #2 (Netherlands)

Nuits et Noirs magazine Nr. 2, underground and experimental magazine, features a photogram and poem of mine in its Night of Nature chapter. © Nuits et Noirs Magazine


The Open Themed Summer Issue no.124 of SHOTS Magazine features a photograph of mine on a double-page spread among nearly 40 international photographers. © Eva Wollenberg

PUBLICATION & INTERVIEW. Photographic Museum of Humanity (UK)

Photographic Museum of Humanity published photographs from the STRIX NEBULOSA series and a new long interview of mine. “I am in love with light. It is my absolute passion; the trouble of intimacy with photons.” © Eva Wollenberg