I was born with a gift from nature. Feeling a sisterhood of kinship with autists and savants, I have also been diagnosed neurodivergent, at the extreme margin of the mental spectrum. Blessing me with a profound and rich emotional sensitivity, my atypical neural network also colors my social interactions and makes my cognitive processes and physical sensations very different from the norm. Taking a proactive approach of radical self-acceptance, I seek to consciously translate the rare and complex experience of my senses into a visual language. STRIX NEBULOSA is a meditation on a graceful sense of intimacy with photons, a dialogue with the landscapes I am living in, and a synesthetic ode to two fleeting feelings. One, of a deep violet, full of whispers and mysteries, blossoming under moonlight and during stormy weather; it is the nest of animal instincts, staring at us, untamed and absolute. The other, resembling a golden sun in the chest, will painlessly tear your ribcage apart; it is a glorious, burning love that seems to turn flesh into light. We become whole when we experience both of these feelings.


The eye is a devourer, it feeds on light particles, annihilates and absorbs photons.
Contemplating the world, we are destroyers of light ripening into bodies of light.

Mountain violet tree forest

Animal tracks

Violet horse night

Wild woman on rock

Winter cabin

Violet man in fog

Sunny woman

Moss in forest

Violet mountain forest fog


Violet mountain winter fog light

Golden lake

Camp fire


Sphinx on fire

Forest fire

Wolf Moon bonfire

Black water dog


Un cercueil de titane, un cercle de titans.


All photographs are available as limited edition museum quality prints to collectors.