STELLIFEROUS contains acts of catasterisation as well as earthly celestial invocations. Through intimate rituals, I feel the universe’s caress and let the personal creative will merge with celestial forces, becoming co-creator on a cyclopean scale.


Hand and sky


Black monolith



super blue blood moon rainbow



Female nebula






Moth and meteorite



Wolf Moon bonfire

Wolf Moon bonfire



Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse



Lunar eclipse



Even Sun and Moon aren’t alone in the sky.




supermoon equinoxe forest spring

sun hair equinoxe spring



Strawberry Full Moon

Strawberry Full Moon

Strawberry Full Moon



moon river



Longest blood moon eclipse



A lioness chases red moons
in prairies of thick hair,
as hearts become aware
of each other, and grass bleeds
a sun song never heard



eclipse forest



As part of the process, my name has been sent into space aboard various NASA spacecrafts: Orion’s flight test 1 (microchip), Parker Solar Probe mission, first-ever mission to “touch” the Sun (memory card mounted on a plaque), InSight mission on Mars (microchip: an electron beam etched letters only 1/1000 the width of a human hair onto 8 mm silicon wafers).




All photographs are available as limited edition museum quality prints to collectors.


1. Diptych. Top: Photograph stored on a microchip sent to the asteroïd Bennu on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. It will travel 7 years in total to Bennu and back, then stay in space for millennia on a stable orbit around the Sun. Bottom: An imaginary fragment of black monolith. This photograph will remain on Earth, as an echo. More: Osiris • BennuVideo of the launch


2. Eclipsed Blue Super Moon surrounded by a rainbow-like halo, January 31, 2018. Next to the lynx and lion constellations, while I was kissing colossal somnolent Ardennes horses on the eyelids.


3. Nebula. Unique edition Wabi-Sabi print on ancient silver-based photographic paper.


4. The Night, Moon & Regulus. December 8th, 2017


5. Motheorite (Hermès). Nocturnal moth, Campo Del Cielo meteorite.


6. January 2016. Bathing in rare light: Full Wolf Moon and bonfire.


7. March 2015. Bathing in rare light: solar eclipse, Spring equinox and Supermoon.


8. September 2015. Bathing in rare light: Super Moon total eclipse, Fall equinox, dawn, Venus. This confluence happened only five times since 1900, the last time being the year of my birth.




10. March 2019. Bathing in rare light: Spring equinox sunlight and Super Moon.


11. June 2016. Bathing in rare light and embracing the longest day: standing between sunrise and Full Moon, the day of the summer solstice. The last time this celestial event happened was in 1967. Beloved wolves are in these woods.


12. November 2016, reflection of the Moon’s light in one of my river’s pools. Bathing in rare light: the biggest Supermoon since 1948. It will not happen again until 2034. Frosty dew drops shone so brightly under the moonlight that they seemed like fireflies in hiding between fallen leaves. A smell of burnt wood, humus, and animals, was fleeting in the air. While standing in the grass and contemplating the beauty and its red halo, two huge herons flew over me silently.


13. July 2018. Bathing in rare light: in wolf territory, between sunset and the longest total lunar eclipse of the century.


14. January 21, 2019. Poem written during the full lunar eclipse nicknamed “super blood wolf moon“, at the hour of the wolf.


15. March 2015. Forest eclipsing an eclipsed sun.