PUBLICATION. Nuits et Noirs magazine #2 (Netherlands)

Nuits et Noirs

Nuits et Noirs magazine Nr. 2,
underground and experimental magazine,
features a photogram and poem of mine
in its Night of Nature chapter.

© Nuits et Noirs Magazine



Publication d’une photographie
dans NAMO #1, revue littéraire et artistique

Ivy home

112 pages
1 usine
1 cimetière
4 ou 5 parkings
de l’eau
des arbres
au moins trois maisons
et d’autres endroits

sans envers

© NAMO (couverture), Eva Wollenberg (photo)


Winter shadow woman

The Open Themed Summer Issue no.124 of SHOTS Magazine
features a photograph of mine on a double-page spread
among nearly 40 international photographers.

© Eva Wollenberg

PUBLICATION & INTERVIEW. Photographic Museum of Humanity (UK)

Photographic Museum of Humanity
published photographs from the STRIX NEBULOSA series
and a new long interview of mine.

Violet man forest fog

I am in love with light.
It is my absolute passion;
the trouble of intimacy
with photons.

© Eva Wollenberg

PUBLICATION. Phases Magazine

black dog

Phases Magazine
published selected photographs
from the PYROCLAST series.

© Eva Wollenberg