Eva Wollenberg black horse


The road towards the Sun… is the Sun:
life as an “action poem”.


Born under a Balsamic moon and immediately welcomed by water, silence and darkness, Eva Wollenberg is a polymathic outsider artist. A rural wild child, she grew up and lives in the woody mountains of a wildlife sanctuary. There she is known for her lifelong dedication to nature, as a socially shy Potnia Therôn, guardian of wilderness skills and stories. Part of her bloodline reaches far into Asian steppes and nomadic horse-centric tribes. As a young neurodivergent dreamer and self-taught maverick, she fell in love with photons and began to treasure lucent phenomena and obscurity’s enigmas. Her highly asynchronous and weather-beaten soul is drawn to timeless immensities, quieter ways of being, and celestial beauties. An intuitive explorer, she travels to vast inner and outer territories, periodically spending years in voluntary seclusion, mostly silent. At the center of a holistic ecosystem, in which woman and nature coalesce into a metamorphic blooming force, she seeks to understand the connection between all that lives: a primeval, innocent, awe-filled intimacy with animals, wild landscapes, and elemental forces.




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