SCREENING. Bending The Frame (Belgium)

Poster Bending The Frame

I will participate to the first BENDING THE FRAME event, SLIDE #1. BENDING THE FRAME vzw aims to create new platforms and encourage new ways of presentating strong photography to the world. At 9pm, Aldo Struyf will join forces with Sébastien Van Malleghem and offer a show. Then, at 11pm, Gregory Frateur and Roel van Camp of DEZ MONA will play live during the screening of a half-hour video of mine. There will also be a live performance by DOBERMAN, and DJ Faster PussyKat will spin some records in between and after.

Het Bos, (Antwerp, Belgium)
17th October 2015
Tickets by the doors (open at 8pm)


Bending The Frame slide stage

Follow Bending The Frame’s VIMEO for updates. Compilations filmed by Stonewood & Verdonck.

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